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Things Fairy Tales Never Told Us

This article was originally written by Lush Ericson for “Once Upon a Time: Cordelia.”


Once upon a time, a pair of brothers came up with a compilation of tales. The brothers are Jacob and Wilheim Grimm and their tales have been passed on from generation to generation, possibly with different intentions.

There are several articles on the Internet saying that fairy tales are actually gruesome and sometimes meant to scare off children.
However, the versions we have watched on Disney adaptations made us believe that someday, somewhere, we would meet a guy with blue eyes, a nice smile and a rich family. This prince would solve our problems—would take us away from scheming stepsisters, creepy witches, and big bad wolves.

In real life, though, this is not the case.

1. In RAPUNZEL, we were not told that mental illness happens because of isolation. Isolation has an impact on mental health. Some studies have found that there’s a 50% increase in the risk of death because of social isolation. There is a correlation between isolation and certain diseases of the heart, also with decreased mental capacity, and depression.

2. In CINDERELLA, we were not made to realize that abuse has devastating effects on people physically, psychologically, and behaviorally. There are studies showing that victims of abuse would develop anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and social withdrawal. Cinderella was probably experiencing some of those, but fairy tales glossed them over and gave her a nice fairy godmother. In reality, there are no fairy godmothers and mental health problems could not be cured by a magic wand.

3. ALMOST all of the fairy tales made us believe that love is a solution. A prince would fall in love with us the first time he laid eyes on us, a kiss could awaken us from a hundred years of sleep, true love could make us beautiful. But in reality, love is difficult to find.

Love is a decision and it is not always the right one. Love can hurt us and break us in ways we have never been hurt and broken. Love fills our vocabulary with words that express anguish and delight at the same time.

Fairy tales always told us that love is simple.

A poor girl would meet a handsome prince and they would live happily ever after.

But in the real world, the girl could fall in love with a princess.

A prince might not be as perfect as he seemed.

A fairy godmother could be powerless over emotional pain.

Ordinary people could be victims of rape and abuse.

Love could be cruel.

Fairy tales never told us that. Or maybe, fairy tales did but there were sequins in our eyes that we only chose to see what we want to see.

Once Upon A Time: Cordelia—is the first book of the Once Upon A Time trilogy. It highlights everything ugly and vile about fairy tales. It will change your perception about love and life. And it will make you realize that “happily ever afters” don’t happen. But “happiness one day at a time” could.

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Whom Are You Fighting For?

This article was originally written by Jian for Zedvage Assault.


“Whom are you fighting for?”

There are people in our lives whom we always want to protect. The feel of someone having our backs is enough to give us a sense of importance. For me, for Chiara and Jaxvien (the characters in my book Zedvage Assault), when we love someone, we should be ready to sacrifice our lives in order to protect them from the dangers of this world. If only we could hide them in our arms and keep them away from the bad, we will do so without having second thoughts.

Kingstern and Gunner (characters in the same book) showed us their unique friendship that can never be torn down by little inconveniences. When we love, we always trust each other. Our true friends will always remain by our side through thick and thin, ride or die. We fight for each other and we protect each other.

The people we fight for are the people we want to keep. They are the people whom we don’t want to lose like our family, friends, and special someone. We fight in order to keep them by our side no matter what happens.

The people we fight for are the people we cannot let go because love is a powerful feeling that will always remain inside us. Fighting for someone does not have to be physical and it definitely should not be abusive. There are times that we will fail to protect the people we love; but even if they die, as long as we stay, fighting for them will always be worth it, because we tried.

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Precious Hearts Romances Celebrates Grand Fans Day


Over 300 readers gathered at this year’s PHR Grand Fans Day held last March 30 at The Space located at the fourth floor of JRich Building in Santo Domingo Avenue , Quezon City. Indeed it was happiness and excitement overload—true to the event’s theme: “Dito Ka Masaya!”

PHR Grand Fans Day is celebrated every two years; it is Precious Pages Corporation’s way of thanking the readers of PHR—the leading Tagalog romance pocketbooks in the country. For more than 25 years, PHR has not failed to give entertainment and “kilig” to its loyal readers. This year, PHR launched 32 books (including Precious Singles and PHR Gothic Romance imprints).

A press conference was held in the morning at the building’s mini theater with 19 bloggers and nine writers, followed by lunch at the penthouse. The bloggers were treated to 10 books of their choice, a planner, and a T-shirt.

The main event started at 2 PM, but readers started lining up for registration as early as 10 AM. While waiting, they were serenaded by Dane Hipolito, songwriter/acoustic artist and definitely a charmer. The program was opened by a prayer, followed by a short speech from Mr. Segundo Matias, Jr., PPC’s president and general manager.


The program—which was emceed by PHR readers’ favorite Mr. JP Bertiz—included performances by three PHR readers; a song number from a new contract writer of PHR, Princess Cordova (CengCrdva); three games; raffle, which included a cell phone as the major prize; announcement and awarding of winners in the online contest, “Are You The Biggest PHR Fan?”, and not to forget the presentation of writers with books being launched at the event. All of these were happening while every one was being treated to finger foods and refreshments.

Present during the event were the homegrown PHR writers: Rose Tan, Sonia Francesca, Sofia, Dawn Igloria, Maricar Dizon, Luna King, Venice Jacobs, Spring Mendez, Cady Lorenzana, Cranberry Laurel, Lush Ericson, and Gazchela Aerienne. Also in the event were the “crossover writers”: C.D. de Guzman (FrustratedGirlWriter), MsButterfly, Jian (4reuminct), Chin-chin Cruise, XavierJohnFord, Princess Cordova (CengCrdva), N.N. Manalo (IHeartThisGuy), Jessa Audrey (asdfghjess), and Cyan (ExordeXVIII).


The event was concluded by a book signing.


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When Everything Is A Choice To Do What Is Right

This article was originally written by XavierJohnFord for Gangsters VS Assassins.

We always want to have a sense of accomplishment in terms of choosing what’s best for ourselves, not because it’s what we deserve but because it’s what it should be. People are always torn between two or more choices and having a hard time to decide what to choose. There are choices that we think are both good for us but there are some easy choices but we still want to use others to justify our uncertain decision

And I think, this life realization helped conceive my story—Gangsters VS Assassins.

In this story, you will realize how choices can change lives. How choices can change people who are in love to be in the middle of a battle just to achieve their common goal but with different reasons. You would be torn whom to side with because of the pain—exactly what the characters felt in the story. It will make you realize that you should take responsibility on the consequences of your decision if the choices we made backfired on us.

It’s really hard to point out what this story can teach us about life. But upon connecting all of the events and look for their common denominator, everything boils down to our own life choices.

Everything that happens to us comes from a choice we made. And every time we choose, we should always choose what we truly feel is right. And it has been proven by this story—doing not only what we think is for the best, but doing what  we know is right.

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Giving Up Is Not An Option

This article was originally written by Chin-chin Cruise for “Ang Boyfriend Kong Mummy Na Vampire Pa.”

Ang Boyfriend Kong Mummy Na Vampire Pa is a recently published romance-comedy and fantasy story under Precious Pages, which centers on the life of a 500-year old Pre-Hispanic prince named Prinsipe Isagani and his quest to deactivate the vampire curse. 

As some of you may know, the book ends well and our beloved flirtatious vampire with the help of his Punong Babaylan Reichel Manahan, lifted the said curse. But the novel itself is not all about vampires, magic, and other supernatural stuff. It also focuses on the altruistic act of this obnoxious vampire to give up immortality and his vampire abilities in exchange for saving humanity from the hands of the several powerful adversaries. 

For the longest time, humans are always in pursuit of the eternal life based from the stories of the Tree of Life, the Elixir of Immortality, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Ambrosia and the Fountain of Youth. And yet, Sage Elizalde is willing to give up this kind of immense power. A selfless act from a gorgeous vampire with an extreme mood disorder.

Sage Elizalde, just like most of us is also being haunted by our grief-stricken past. He is constantly being bombarded with guilt when he became a vampire. He constantly blames himself for any vampire-related deaths. He even considers himself as a wretched monster as he is the origin of the vampire species. 

We may all have a dark and bitter history that we want to erase, but we are humans, we are prone to make mistakes. Do not let our past destroy what will come tomorrow. Just like Sage Elizalde, let us be a better person despite all our imperfections.

Aside from Sage, let us also not forget our heroine, Reichel Manahan. A simple college student who gets caught up in this vampire world. When she is captured, she remains positive and calm as she knows that there are things that are out of her control. In worst circumstances, people tend to panic, tend to get angry and tend to blame others for their misfortunes. Reichel, on the other hand, welcomes her fate with no regrets. She looks at the positive side of things and she just hopes that her vampire superhero will come and will save the day. 

“I feel hopeless, but I can’t allow them to see me like this. If this is my end, I will accept this fate. At least nagmahal ako. At least, I know that vampires truly exist. At least, marunong pala akong umibig.”

Ang Boyfriend Kong Mummy Na Vampire Pa will teach us to see the beauty in life and to see the blessings instead of our tragedy. Moreover, this story is about not losing hope. Giving up is not simply an option.  

The second installment called Ang Boyfriend Kong Supernatural Hunter will be more intense as both of the characters will face far more powerful nemesis that will put their relationship, their loyalty, their trust and their hope, into a test.

Let us be reminded of this story that life is indeed short. Let us fill it with hope, with positivity and most of all, with love.

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Could You Be Stupid For Love?

This article was originally written by Tyra for “Assassins Batch 2 Book 2: Law, Supid Love.”

We all do stupid things for love.  But is there a limit to that?  If someone hurts you, really hurts you to the point you’d wish you’re dead, would you really continue to love that person and stay with him/her?  There’s just so much emotional pain a person could take.  When you reach that limit, you will realize all the stupid things you’ve done.  But realizing them and doing something about them are two completely different things.

Some people might realize that there’s already something wrong with their relationship, but still chose to stay with their partner.  They tell themselves that they can’t just throw all the years they’ve been together, that someday, surely, everything will go back to the way it was.  If they could just bear with it, bear with all the pain, one day, it will definitely get better.  

But what they don’t realize is the simple fact that it won’t.  If they don’t do anything to change their situation, everything will just go downhill from there.  Their partner will just continue to treat them like a doormat—someone whom they could hurt over and over again and won’t fight back.  Someone who will continue to be there to give them all the love and support they need despite everything.  You will just be a convenient existence for them.  And isn’t that a real tragedy?

When you encounter a problem in your relationship, you should face it head on and not run away from it.  That way,  there’s a possibility that you can still save the relationship.  But if you don’t do anything and just let things remain as they were, they will just escalate.  And you will just end up hurt, tired, and emotionally battered.

Yes, we could be stupid for love.  After all, love is the most amazing existence in the world.  But you shouldn’t let yourself be continually hurt because of it.  Don’t be afraid to fight.  Don’t be afraid that you won’t find another love again.  Because love, love is everywhere.  If you just look, it will come to you.  But it won’t ,if you stay in the same place.

And maybe this time… this time that person will be the one.


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It’s Not Only About The Age: The Pros And Cons Of Falling In Love With An Older Man

This article was originally written by Maricar Dizon for “Golden Heart.”

May-December love affairs have been a topic of many books and movies since a long time ago. It tickles the hearts and imaginations of the romantics. But in real life dating a man so much older than you is far more complicated than in fiction. Here are some of the pros and cons of falling in love with an older man.


  1. He is mature. It’s true that a man ages like fine wine. As he grows older he gains experiences not only about dating but also about life. He is already self-assured and confident about himself. Petty fights rooted from insecurities are probably not going to happen. He is the type of man who you can have a nice, long and intelligent conversations with.  
  2. He is better in bed. An older man wants to please his partner and take his time making it happen.  
  3. He is romantic. An older man is at the point of his life when he is already looking for romance and a possible long lasting relationship. Dating for fun no longer interests him. Studies also say that a man in his forties and fifties values love and romance over finding someone temporary.  


  1. He might have an emotional baggage. In life, not all experiences we collect as we grow older are good. A man in his forties and fifties has lived a long life already. He might have been married in the past and has children. You have to decide if you are okay with that. 
  2. He might have health issues. Health problems come with old age. While there are still a lot of men in their forties and fifties who exercise and take good care of themselves, you still need to keep this in mind. 
  3. He might be old fashioned. Generation gap is a huge hurdle you have to face if you want to be in a relationship with an older man. There are times that you might not understand each other or you might have different views about certain topics. The key will always be communication between the two of you. 

There are more factors that you have to consider about falling in love with an older man before you decide to start a relationship with him. But at the end of the day, what matters most is how deep your feelings are for each other.  Always ask yourself, is it worth it? And if the answer is always yes, go for it. 


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Follow Your Heart And Do What Your Soul Desires

This article was originally written by Vanessa for “Diyosabelle: Ang Sirenang Chubby.”


Madalas sa buhay ay mga nakamulatan tayong papel na dapat gampanan. Hindi natin kinukuwestiyon ang mga papel na ito, ang mga inaasahan sa atin ng mundo. Pero sa pagsapit ng realisasyon na may obligasyon tayong sundin ang gusto ng puso natin, kumakawala ang determinasyong higitan ang mga papel na hindi tayo ang nagdikta.

Life is not about doing what others expect from us, but doing what our soul desires. That little voice inside our head has always been telling us what our heart craves. Madalas itong nilulunod ng mga sigaw ng tinig sa paligid. Pero sa ating pag-iisa, kung kailan bulong na lang ang tunog mula sa mundo, palaging lulutang ang tinig mula sa ating kaluluwa at magsasabing sundin mo ang puso mo dahil maligaw ka man mula sa direksiyong mula rito, hindi darating ang pagkakataong itatanong mo sa sarili kung ano kaya ang nangyari sakaling inuna mo ang sarili.

Sometimes, our dreams are enormous and seem out of reach, and people say we are aiming too high… but remember that nothing big is achieved without sacrifice. The more sacrifice we give, the sweeter victory is.

Be passionate, dream big, work on your dreams, hope for the best, love as freely as you dream, and never be scared to get hurt. A beautiful life is made of dreams, hope, sweat, pain, and love.


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Life Is A Gift

This article was originally written by Gazchela Aerienne for “After Death”

Palagi kong itinatanong sa sarili ko: ano nga ba ang point ng buhay? At ano ba ang naghihintay sa isang tao kapag siya ay namatay na? Paano kung may mga bagay pa siyang hindi nagagawa, pero napaaga ang pagkamatay niya? ‘Yong tinatawag na “unfinished business.” Saan siya napupunta when he/she dies?

Ilan lang ‘yan sa mga tanong ko bago ko isinulat ang After Death. Nag-search ako ng kung ano-anong may kinalaman sa life and death hanggang sa mapag-mix ko na ang mga detail at makabuo ng ideya. Baka kayang sagutin ang tanong ko ng sarili kong story concept. And then, I came up with a plot like this one. Nadagdagan lang ng traditional mythical characters like astral vampires and their mortal enemies in my gothic stories—the soul suckers.

The story focuses on life, love, happiness, and contentment—apat na salita na magkakaugnay ang kahulugan.

Life means love. Love also means happiness and contentment. How can you live without love? How can you love if you’re not happy and contented? And how can you give love if you don’t have love to give? Love should always begin at home. Sino pa ba ang unang magmamahal sa atin kundi ang pamilya natin? But what if there’s no love at home? Saan tayo kukuha ng pagmamahal na puwedeng ipamahagi?

‘Yong mga taong products of broken families, karamihan daw sa kanila, mga uhaw sa pagmamahal at atensiyon ng mga magulang. They seem to be fine on the surface but the truth is, they are broken inside. They are those who have the most beautiful smiles yet, they’re the same ones who have the saddest hearts… craving to be loved, craving to be happy.

We live to be happy and contented. Napakahirap mabuhay na hindi ka naging masaya maski minsan man. O ‘yong masaya ka for a period of time, ‘tapos biglang nanakawin ang kaligayahan mo. Some would ask, “what is the reason for living if I can’t be happy anymore, if my happiness is taken away and there’s no chance I can have it back?” Kaya may ilan na umaabot sa paging suicidal dahil nawawala ‘yong pinakaimportanteng sangkap ng buhay: happiness. The reason why we live is to be happy, with the people we love. Kapag nawala iyon, nawawala rin ang drive na mabuhay.

Yet, if a person commits suicide, makokontento na ba siya? Magiging masaya na ba siya? Wala ba siyang pagsisisihan?

Of course there will be regrets. Pero paano pa sila makababalik? It is not possible to get your life back once you throw it away.

Life is a gift. A gift that we should treasure. Ito rin ‘yong gift na kapag isinoli mo sa nagbigay, wala nang bawian. Kapag tinalikuran mo, hindi mo na puwedeng balikan.

Live and endure both life’s joys and pains. Even if it is hard to live in this cruel world, life is still beautiful. Greed is a sin we should cast off. Contentment and gratitude, these are the keys to joyful living.


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New Editions: Martha Cecilia’s Well-Loved Novels

Good romantic novels never die. They become classics. Such is the case with the novels of Martha Cecilia (Bless her!), which are being re-released by Precious Pages Corp. in twinbill (two novels in one book) editions.

The new editions feature covers that completely break away from the usual PHR book cover designs in that each cover depicts a lone woman in the splendor of romance, the epitome of a woman in love: elegant, sophisticated, truly in the throes of romantic submission—a reminiscence of the good days when love and romance were pure, blissful, and sacred—the singular trademark of a Martha Cecilia heroine and novel. 

Included in the twinbill editions are Ang Lalaking Hindi ko Pinangarap + I’m Crazy for You, Forbidden Love + Sexy and Dangerous, Akin ka, Noon, Ngayon at Kailanman + Love Trap, When Fools Rush In + Hello Again Stranger,  Mga Latay ng Pag-ibig + Apoy sa Malamig na Puso, With This Ring + Only You, Ikaw, Ikaw ang Iniibig Ko +Be Still My Heart, Mananatili Kang Akin + Ikaw ay Ako o Ako ay Ikaw?,  Kung Kaya Mo nang Sabihing Mahal Mo Ako + Leia My Love, Roses are Red Violets are Blue + Aagawin Kita sa Kanya, You’re Mine Only Mine + Beloved Enemy, Be My Love Katherine + For the Love of Alyssa, Ganoon Kita Kamahal + First Time I Saw You, Dugtungan Mo ang Isang Magandang Alaala + Nang Gabing Maging Akin Ka—all of which were best-sellers during their initial release.


The books, along with new titles, are available at Precious Pages Bookstore and other regular PHR book outlets. 

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